Permanent Recruitment

As an end to end talent management solutions provider, we are focused every day on finding the right person to support our clients - wherever they have needs and wherever they are located.

Recruitment is no longer just matching a candidate qualification and experience with the job description. It is all about finding the right person for the right job and the process includes sourcing (through our various unique tolls), sharing, scheduling, interviewing, testing, reference checking and joining.

Our Team comprised of professionals who offer clients a truly unique understanding of their needs.

Recruitment Methodology

We take the time to really get to know you, your organization, and the applicants enabling us to make a perfect harmonized fit.

A. Searching Methodology:

To source the initial candidate pool we will use for your assignment,

• Stage One - Searching our database.
• Stage Two - Online Recruitment Tools to search/ reach right candidate.
• Stage Three - Network through related industries.
• Stage Four - Network with our Branch Offices and Associates
• Stage Five - The advertisement and full text of the position profile are also placed on our Web site, which is accessed by a large number of qualified candidates. This method of outreach to potential applicants provides a confidential source that is routinely monitored by many key level executives.
• Stage Six - Advertisement in Newspapers (only if required).
• Stage Seven – Head hunting, which is a discreet and confidential service where we aim to locate people who meet your exact requirements and use our influencing skills to persuade them to consider making a career move. Those are people who have been identified as being able to carry out the particular function and who are probably not actively searching the job market.

B. Methodology of Short listing Candidates:

Our Search Consultant will move through the following activities

• Screening We will carefully review all applications to identify and evaluate those that meet the recruitment criteria and minimum qualifications. This evaluation includes consideration of such factors as professional experience, and size and complexity of the candidate's current organization as compared to the candidate profile.
• Preliminary Candidate Review Our search consultant conducts preliminary reference reviews for those candidates identified during screening as the most qualified. We make direct contact with references to learn more about the candidates' experience, past performance, and management style. The Recruitment Consultant will provide the resumes for short listing candidates to the client.

C. Search Report:

After completing the screening and review, our Recruitment consultant will review with the client the search report on the candidates to be interviewed. The report divides candidates into three groups including a) the top group of candidates recommended for interviews; and b) a backup group to the first group. The search report includes candidate résumés.

D. Interviews & Selection:

The final selection process varies depending on the desires of the client. The services we typically provide in the selection process are described briefly below. The Recruitment consultant coordinates the selection process for finalist group of candidates.

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